Transparency & Impact

Buy the Watch, Protect the Place

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Lōcī's Donations are Publicly Shared

Philanthropy is only possible with trust, and trust requires transparency. Lōcī makes its 10% donations twice per year and we post documentation of each donation here on the website.

Donation Schedule:

  • 1st Half: Ends June 30 — Lōcī donation by July 31
  • 2nd Half: Ends Dec. 31 — Lōcī donation by Jan. 31 (of following year)

Documentation of Lōcī's donations will be posted here within two business days of receiving receipts from our non-profit partner(s).

We plan to shift to making donations quarterly in late 2025 or 2026.

NOTE: Since we launched the company in January 2024, our first donation will cover 1st Half-2024 sales.

Our Non-profit Partners

The Best of the Best

Lōcī’s Founder is a former non-profit executive with Team Rubicon, a global disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization started and led by military veterans. He has deep, hands-on experience of how non-profit organizations translate financial donations into real world impact.

With the benefit of this experience and armed with research from independent charity ratings organizations like Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and GuideStar, Lōcī carefully selects our non-profit partners based upon the criteria below.

1. Mission alignment: Lōcī supports non-profits who share our mission to protect at-risk places and fragile environments.

2. Place alignment: Each Lōcī model line is named for a specific place or environment, and 10% of its sales go to a non-profit working to protect that same place or environment. When you buy the watch, you protect the place.

3. Transparency and effectiveness: The purpose of a non-profit is simple — turn the money people donate into impact for the mission. We choose partners with track records of doing this efficiently, effectively, and transparently.

4. Impact Potential: We back partners who have the vision to forge a better future, the audacity to take on the biggest challenges, and the capabilities to succeed in making an impact.

The non-profits you support through your Lōcī purchase are among the very best in their respective fields. They set and achieve high standards for their work and are careful stewards of the funds they receive. They use their experience and expertise to deploy your contributions in ways that deliver maximum impact for the missions and communities they serve.

Lōcī’s Founder reviews their public financial statements, annual reports, major news coverage, and independent ratings every year before renewing our commitment to each of them. We do this so you can rest assured your investment, and the collective investment of all Lōcī customers, makes the maximum possible impact for our shared purpose to protect the places we love.

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Current Non-profit Partner: Pacific Coast Highway Collection

Surfrider Foundation